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We cater to slot machine collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone wanting help creating a man cave for themselves in their own private residence.  The machines we distribute are for amusement and collection purposes only and not for actual gambling.  In fact we set the machines for as high a payout as possible so that they hit often making them more fun to play. Also be sure to check out our Bettor TITO product that can eliminate all cash entirely turning it into a free play machine.


We specialize in refurbishing slot machines and are not an attornies at law.  Although we have a basic understanding of some of the legalities of slot machine ownership, it is you, the Buyer, that should do your own due diligence to gain an understanding of your own states laws to decide if you are comfortable owning a machine for private enjoyment in your own home.  Bettor Slots is not responsible for your losses as a result of improper ownership or, the Buyer are responsible for your own actions.


State laws on this subject vary significantly from state to state.  Some do not prohibit private ownership at all.  Others dictate that the machine must be a certain age, thus considered an antique.  And finally, some states prohibit entirely.  Many would argue that their current state laws are antiquated and do not reflect current social sentiment.  In our state, Ohio, there is no restrictions at all for private ownership.  Anyone can arrive at our shop, purchase their machines, and leave with them legally in our state.  There are many states that we can freight to legally also, please inquire. We can freight to any state provided you are a DOJ Registered business.




It is illegal for an individual or a business to freight or deliver a machine to you across state lines unless they are registered with the Department of Justice?  In doing so at a minimum your are risking the loss of your new investment.  Bettor Slots has maintained registration since our inception.  If you are receiving a machine from us via freight across state lines, we recommend that you download a copy for your records and can do so my clicking the PDF link above.




To download a copy of our

DOJ Registration.

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